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Susan Collins     Personal Management Consultant,   Professional Dowser

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Testimonials for Susan's Work

Live Workshops

  Susan is the Keynote Dowser
 at the ASD National Convention

As a Personal Management Consultant I specialize in detecting and transforming Earth, Environmental and Psychic Energies to bring health, prosperity and balance to you and your home or business through dowsing. I work with you to develop a strategic plan to create physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and energetic balance. Together we find the source of problems and symptoms and take steps to resolve outstanding issues. I offer services both in person and through computer and phone connections.

As a Professsional Dowser, I provide a variety of "Spiritual Housecleaning" services including: health support for food sensitivities, chakra analysis, athletic performance enhancement through energy integration, real property sales support, Feng Shui Dowsing, prosperity support, "luck" generation and more. I also do well location in southern Ontario.

As a Keynote Speaker Susan is available for global workshops and conferences.

I do not offer medical advice or find lost objects or people.

Results are not guaranteed. Your choices and actions taken are your responsibility.

"Thank you very much for the fabulous workshop. At every opportunity I am working with my pendulum, following the protocol and also the triage procedure including checking for subtle energies. Dawne K."

"Thank you Susan, Thanks so much for the wonderful affordable workshop! You are awesome and a superb knowledgeable presenter. I turned a new page in my life because of you and your workshop! I feel more connected now! Suzanne P."

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