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Creator Forgive Me: Prayer To Walk In Absolute Truth

Creator, forgive me. I forgive myself. I forgive all those who've harmed me. I release them out of my mind, body and spirit. They are free now. Creator take them, bless them and purify them so they never come back to harm me or my family ever again. And I ask those that I've harmed to forgive me and release me so I am free, and bless their spirit and put them back in the sacred light.

Thank you Creator. Bless my body, bless my spirit. Heal my body, heal my spirit. Bless me so I am hollow for your sacred love, your sacred light, your sacred healing energy, and Mother Earth's sacred healing energy. Bring the light into my heart and become one with you and all that is sacred and divine.

Thank you Creator. I know who I am now. I am a man (or woman), and I am special. I am sacred. And I am a giver of life and a teacher of love in it's purest form. Never again will anyone or anything take that away from me, because now I know who I am. I am love. I am light. I am energy. I am Absolute Truth in its purest form.

Creator, Spirits of the Universe, Grandparents, Old Ancient Ones, Mother Mary, Brother Jesus, Angels, Sacred Animals, Birds, Guides, Teachers, Ascended Masters, Sister Circle of Brotherhood, Creatures of the Sea, All Elements of Creation That Are Sacred and Divine, I offer you the greatest gift from my heart, my mind, my body and spirit for your guidance, your knowledge, your wisdom, your spiritual strength and your visions that will help me to help my brothers and sisters on the sacred path home to You. So when it's time for me to come home to You, I will come to You with straight eyes, clear heart, open hands and beautiful footprints for my grandchildren to follow.

Thank you Creator. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa. It's your wisdom that has brought me back to the centre of my heart where now I stand with the Creator. Never again will I walk alone.

All my relations.

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