Doug Gray - White Eagle Home

Following the Circle

Hear the music of the circle
Ever spinning life's lessons tell
Sun and moon caress the planet
Shape shifting, the dreamtime spell.

All the creatures join the circle
Spider weaves between the spell
Frog watches from its world of water
Hummingbird guards the ancient well.

Winged creatures fly above the circle
Hearts as one, yet different kinds
Ancient ones come from the council
Fire has spoken from ancient times.

Fee the rhythm of earth's drumbeat
Sacred breath of mother earth
Reconnect your ancient birthright
Resonate with mother earth.

Vision quest is where you're taken
Spirit speaks of other times
Record keepers of the planet
Watch life's labyrinth - balance find.

As we ponder Iife's many lessons
Creatures great, and creatures small,
None speaks to our heart as forceful
As when ancient teachers call.

From the cave, bat wings its journey
Porcupine projects its quill
Bear prepares for dreamtime journey
Wolf calls out to com moon still.

All the heavens watch with wonder
Earth's creatures dance the sacred hoop
Snake, keeper of the sacred medicine
Hear Kokopelli ancient flute.

Take your place two-legged children
Join your ancestors' sacred bond
Dance with heart and soul and spirit
Come, sing the ancient spirit song.

Learn the four direction teachings
And those who guard the sacred four
Each speaks to our sacred journey
The north, the east, the south, west doors.

All life's lessons fill our wonder
Universal circles tell
Spiraling up into the heavens
Proclaims another dreamtime spell.

Doug Gray - White Eagle 1997

...The Elders Are Watching ... ...