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Talking to the Earth with Dowsing
© Susan Collins, 2007
Written for Vitality Magazine, June 2007, Earthwatch

Sometimes we feel uncomfortable in our homes – we may experience chronic, unexplained illnesses, our pets may suffer, we may have prosperity issues, or just have trouble sleeping. A dowser, sometimes referred to as geomancer, can help identify and rectify the causes of these problems by checking the earth energies of a place and aligning them with the people who are living there. Dowsers are well known as “water witchers,” people who find the energy of water, but we can also find the energy of plants, animals, people and just about anything else in this vast universe by “talking” with the earth.

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis over twenty years ago, and spent many years struggling with both western and alternative medicine trying to regain my health. When I began dowsing, I began to listen more closely to my body and learned to test my foods and my environment to make sure that what I ate, how I exercised and where I lived were beneficial to my health. I discovered that there are different types of energy grids on the earth, and that some of them went right through my house! Dowsing helped me find “hot spots” that didn’t agree with me, and I learned how to avoid and actually transform the energies so they would support my health.

Dowsing, the detection and transformation of energy, is an ancient, powerful skill that anyone can develop with desire and patience by focusing their mind and listening to their body. But what is dowsing really? It’s almost an umbrella word for a practice that is used in many modern holistic mind/body modalities based on energy such as Reiki, homeopathy, naturopathy, Feng Shui, hypnosis, kinesiology, sound healing and various types of physical and spiritual counseling.

For me, dowsing is primarily a tool that I use to find out more about the world and my place in it. I can do this for myself, any time, anywhere. I also find it handy for getting convenient parking spaces and deciding where to plant my flowers! The many practical applications of the skill are the reason I’ve been drawn to it and the Canadian Society of Dowsers over the years. Someone once said that “dowsers know how to know” and it seems to be true. With simple tools, we can easily break down complex problems into simple chunks, and then narrow down our questions until we arrive at an answer.

Whether I am measuring the energy field of a crop circle or a person, the procedure is basically the same. I focus my intent, align myself with the Divine Source, and ask for a true answer. The tools themselves, the pendulums and rods, have no magic power, just as a hammer has no power until we pick it up. Our bodies are the primary tool.

Of course one doesn’t give one’s decision-making power over to the pendulum. This is a free will planet, and we are free to choose our path and to make our own mistakes as we go. Folks who use dowsing as a research tool can often get a unique perspective on an issue that would otherwise be unavailable to them. And of course no intuitive tool is meant to replace traditional medicine for diagnosis or treatment, but for those who want to learn to trust their body’s natural knowing, dowsing can be very useful.

How to test foods with a pendulum
Once you are familiar with using a pendulum (see Box 1), you can use it to test which foods support your health. You can start by taking some of your regular foods out of your fridge and cupboard. Set them on the counter, and then, holding the pendulum over the foods one at a time, ask if eating that food will support your health. (Don’t ask if it’s “good for you”, because the pendulum may say YES if it tastes good,not if it is healthy for you.) You can refine this exercise by using a ray chart numbered from minus ten to plus ten. For me, I get a NO from the pendulum for most un-peeled apples, and a swing to minus 4 on the chart. Obviously I want to eat foods that are on the plus side of the chart. This is a great way to test for food sensitivities.

How Do I Use A Pendulum?

(Excerpted from Susan’s book “Bridge Matter and Spirit With Dowsing” available at selected stores and through www.dowser.ca)

Text Box: How Do I Use L-Rods?

There are 3 basic positions: READY, POINT TO, and FOUND.
The READY Position: Hold the rod in your fist. With a rod in each hand, and your elbows bent at 90 degree angles, hold the rods pointing away from your body and parallel to the ground with the tips slightly down.
The POINT TO Position: Ask the rods to point to the thing you are looking for. The rods will simply swing in the direction that the target is located.
The FOUND Position: Ask your rods to cross (or open) when they are on top of the target and begin walking in the direction the rods have pointed to. FOUND may be crossed rods, or open rods depending on what you decide. Either way works fine as long as you are consistent. 



                   Practice! Practice! Practice