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Happiness is Clearing a Contaminated Well
© Sally Blaney, 2004

For twenty-five years I have been using a twenty foot dug well to water three to five horses daily, until these past months [before December, 2004], when reports from the Ministry showed 80 coli forms and 39 Ecoli. Panic set in - no drinking water for the horses!

I spoke with Pat Prevost [a Canadian Society of Dowsers Board Member], who referred me to Marilyn Gang of the Toronto Dowsers. She referred me to Klaus Stalschus [a dowser in Barrie]. Klaus gave me the confidence to tackle this problem.

On October 25th, 2004, he directed me on the use of hydrogen peroxide (35%) to begin the clearing process, then a kindly neighbour suctioned sediment from the well and added some fresh gravel to the bottom. I dowsed continuously as to the amount of hydrogen peroxide to add. Using the Proton Rings [twisted wire rings] from Klaus, three were tossed in to the surrounding area, one in the well and one placed on the water tap.

The following reports from the Ministry tracked the condition of the well: Oct. 29/04 - 6 coli forms; Nov. 19/04 - 3 coli forms; Nov. 25/04 - 1 coli form; Dec. 2/04 - 0 coli forms; Dec. 9/04 - 0 coli forms. The water sparkles - no more E coli or coli forms - the orange-brown colour and smell have gone. Thanks to Pat Prevost and Marilyn Gang for referring me to Klaus - your support and the Divine Spirits cleared the well!

How did I, a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner learn to dowse? Thanks to Susan Collins of King City - who taught me the basic skills. I now can facilitate Hospice King-Aurora families to use basic dowsing techniques to open their chakras for daily healing. This self care is a great empowerment tool for persons with life threatening illnesses.

Sally Blaney is a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and dowser living in King City.
She can be contacted at 14475 Weston Rd., King City, Ontario, L7B 1K4.