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Dowsing That Works Series

Dowsing Triage - Finding and Fixing Energy Problems

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Table of Contents

Introduction ... 3
What is Dowsing ... 6
Working with Clients ... 7

The Protocols
The Dowsing Protocol ... 8
The Triage Protocol ... 9
Finding The Problem ... 14

Working Remotely
Map Dowsing ... 17
Plus / Minus Chart ... 18
Visionary Detection ... 20

Triage Charts ... 22
Problems Triage Charts ( 1 - 10) ... 33

Fixing Energy Problems ... 29
Remedies Triage Charts ( 1 - 10) ... 33
Radionic Broadcasting ... 39
Conclusion ... 40

Appendix 1: Tools ... 41

Appendix 2: The Dowsing Protocol ... 42

Appendix 3: Plus / Minus chart ... 45

Appendix 4: Glossary of Terms ... 45

Book Review by Ian Doig
published in What's New in Dowsing the journal of the Canadian Society of Dowsers
Volume 5, No. 2, Journal 14, Summer 2010, pp 49 - 50

I've read a number of excellent books of instruction for dowsers, from past BSD president Gen. James Scott-Elliott's Dowsing; One Man's Way to past ASD president Walt Woods splendid Letter to Robin. Most are clearly designed to be basic instruction for beginners, and are excellent tools to that end. Gen. Scott-Elliott then goes on to give examples of the sort of thing that dowsing is used for, and finally, recounts a number of examples drawn from his personal experience.

Our own past president Susan Collins has followed suit with her splendid little series of booklets published under the general heading Dowsing That Works. And now she has come out with the most useful guide I have seen yet!

Dowsing Triage is a natural follow-on to her Dowsing That Works series. In effect, it says, "all right, now you know the essential basics of dowsing; how do we take it further?"

"Further", in this case, includes not only to a professional level but also speaks simply to the learner who wants to get things 'right'; to know that even as an amateur his/her dowsing answers are perfect because he/she has taken every possible issue into consideration. And yes; for the benefit of those who may not have read her earlier books she also includes a series of appendices that deal with basic dowsing information; tools, the Dowsing Protocol, a plus/minus chart and a very handy Glossary of Terms. (But for people newer to the art I would still recommend her earlier booklets.)

She starts with an introduction to herself, and describes the serious illness that led her to discover dowsing, and how her dowsing led to her healing. She gives a useful introduction to the art, and then addresses the issue of finding and defining "The Problem", and of dealing with clients (anyone for whom one is doing the dowsing). She gives a brief review of the Dowsing Protocol and then defines and explains the "Triage Protocol". From here on she explains the art of working remotely and discusses how to fix energy problems. Most refreshingly, Susan makes it clear that what we do is not of the world of Newtonian physics. She counsels opening a dialogue with the energies of the area in which she is working and then comments, "It may seem unusual to assign consciousness to energy, but I have found that finding and fixing problems is much easier if I do so." (My response to this is to note that we are primarily energy constructs ourselves - Dr Einstein has been good enough to demonstrate the exact quantity relationships involved. So is The Divine and everything in between - no problem!)

Susan makes it refreshingly clear that dowsing is essentially a spiritual art, and I think that this simple fact points up the reason so many of us fail to reach our full potential as dowsers - and in many other respects as well. Our backgrounds have locked us into a fixed view of things spiritual and we feel uncomfortable reaching beyond the limits of our inherited teachings. We may glibly observe that "We are spiritual beings undergoing a physical experience" without being willing or able to accept and acknowledge the amazing potential for Love and Power that that truth places in our hands.

And then we come to what she calls "Triage Charts". These are a series of charts conveniently laid out for ease of photocopying, which cover just about every piece of information that would lead to a full understanding of the nature of the problem(s) and to its resolution. They not only lead the investigator step by step from first enquiries to the completion of the task, they ensure that no loose ends are left unconsidered, and also provide a fully detailed record of the whole case from beginning to end for possible future reference. Invaluable!

In short, I would recommend this little guide to any dowser at any level of accomplishment, and for anyone who simply wants to understand what it is that dowsers do, and how and why this thing called "dowsing" works!