"Dowser of the
Year 2006
Susan Collins     Personal Management Consultant,   Professional Dowser

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Dowsing in Kuwait

Workshop Pictures - January, 2010

Professional dowser Susan Collins, front row second from left, helped students
identify energy lines at the park, below. Organizer Manal Al-Musallam is seated
second row, far left.

The workshop included both indoor and outdoor sessions.

Workshop Pictures - April, 2009

Participants learned to balance earth energy vibrations. The instructor, Susan Collins from
Canada, is fourth from right in the back row. Manal Al-Musallam, the host, is on the far right.

Participants discover a full range of dowsing
techniques, and have fun doing it!
Susan Collins
Dowsing Teacher, Intuitive Consultant
Past President, (2003 - 2006) of the Canadian Society of Dowsers and
"Dowser of the Year 2006"
E-mail: susan@dowser.ca

Susan spent many years in the corporate world, in print and electronic publishing, before becoming a dowser. She has been a featured speaker and teacher at many international dowsing conferences and meetings and has a dynamic private practice.

Susan Collins dowsing workshops are offered in Kuwait exclusively by:

Manal Al-Musallam
Training Organizer
Binnaji General Trading Co.
Fax: +965-22516285
Mobile: +965-99082356
E-mail: manala75@yahoo.com
Website: www.peacefulmomentsq8.com
Your Instructor

Professional Dowser
Susan Collins

Dowsing: Turning Knowledge Into Power
Anyone can learn to use dowsing techniques to quickly and gently identify and modify unhealthy behaviour patterns. The presentations offer dowsing protocols to assist in finding the originating sources of both conscious and unconscious patterns.

Protocols are also used to neutralize behavioral triggers, and to transform energies to create healthy patterns leading to lasting, integrated energy balancing. Learn easy processes and do hands on practice!

Dowsing is a fun, practical way to find out more about yourself and the world around you. If you would like to learn to dowse or improve your skills, join me in Kuwait City for a fun and informative workshop.

"In the name of Allah,
the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate"