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What is Dowsing?

Dowsing for minerals back in the day.
Dowsing can increase the ability to get information from "other" realms.

Dowsing is the detection and transformation of energy with simple tools and the power of thought. It has always been known as a way to find water and minerals, but today modern dowsers also use their skills to detect, transform and balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies.

Simply put, dowsing enables the conscious mind to connect with the subconscious mind which is itself capable of detecting very subtle energy changes. We live in an electromagnetic, vibratory universe, and just as today's sophisticated technology is capable of tuning in to a variety of radio and television signals, so our brains and bodies can isolate and act on individual frequencies within the environment.

What Makes it Work?
Energy follows thought and intention. Dowsers work with Nature and The Best and Highest Good to manifest solutions appropriate for all Creation.

Does Dowsing Have Anything to do with Religion?
Dowsing is not a religious practice, although many people who dowse are deeply spiritual. Learning to use your dowsing senses is like learning to use your ears to distinguish the different instruiments and notes played by an orchestra. We can "tune" our subtle senses to detect the subtle play of energies in our environment, just as we can learn to pick out the distinctive sounds of an oboe playing a melody in a symphony.

Can I Learn To Dowse?
Anyone can learn to dowse if they have a sincere interest and practice. Some people are more sensitive than others, and find it easier to learn.

Check my Course Schedule for the next available lecture or workshop. If you've never tried to dowse, or if you've tried and don't trust your results, one of the workshops may help you be a better dowser.

Dowsing Tips