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Year 2006
Susan Collins     Personal Management Consultant,   Professional Dowser

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Order Susan's New Book
Meet Alien Energy with Dowsing

Find out about Alien Beings
Create psychic protection
Initiate contact safely
Dowsing fundamentals

90 pages 7 x 10.5 inches.
Table of contents

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Testimonials for Meet Alien Energy with Dowsing

“Susan’s knowledge of Dowsing gives balance and a new perspective to the topic of Ufology. She gives you a way to find accurate information about Aliens and our interactions with them. Susan is a brilliant Speaker, Teacher and Dowser.” Jo-Anne Eadie Director of Alien Cosmic Expo www.aliencosmicexpo.com

“Susan has brought forward an important and timely dowsing system that works with the seen and unseen worlds that surround us. Delving into these topics with the right intentions will help us unlock hidden worlds of experience that will answer some of our most profound questions.” Jason Quitt,Author of “Forbidden Knowledge” www.thecrystalsun.com

"Susan Collins is a well versed dowser and teacher. She is able to bring the art of dowsing to anyone interested in the topic. She explains the tools and protocols in ways that are demystifying yet encourage deeper exploration. Susan holds the broader vision of dowsing as a way to help the planet." Adhi Moonien Two Owls thenewglobalshaman.com

"Dowsing is an ancient method of communication that when used correctly in our modern society can reveal beneficial information to you. With Susan Collins as your dowsing guide, I have no doubt that you can develop the dowsing skill to access pertinent knowledge that will serve your personal growth." Lana Marconi, Ph.D. Director of THE RESONANCE film. www.DrLana.com