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Personal Management Consultant,   Professional Dowser

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The Wonderful World of Dowsing Applications

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The Power of Dowsing for Feng Shui

Dowsing for Feng shui

What is Dowsing?

Life as a Professional Dowser

Dowsing That Works

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Adventures in Dowsing

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The Business of Dowsing

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Responsible Dowsing is Endorsed by Religious Leaders

This article was published in Spanish by the Dowsing Society of Chile, and featured on the cover of their 10th Anniversay issue in April 2005.

Susan reviews Consciousness, Intent and the Structure of the Universe, By Jeffrey Keen

Drink Up! The Reason Dowsers Need to Drink Lots of Water

Good Water for a Dry Well

What To Do When Your Pendulum Only Says "No"

Protecting Yourself While Clearing Non-beneficial Entities

The White Horse Crop Circle by Susan Collins and Harrison Dahme

Bo Nordell The Dowsing Reaction Originates From Piezoelectric Effect In Bone

Caroline Grech Dowsing to improve quality of life.

The interview with Susan, featured on the cover of the Era Banner newspaper, describes how she used dowsing to help her with her personal health problems.

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Raymon Grace How to Balance and Clear a School

Jim Hay Shamanism

Tom Sotiridy The Effects of Electromagnetic Pollution On Roadsides and Water

Tom Sotiridy Techniques for Clearing Electromagnetic Pollution From Roadsides and Water