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Dowsing That Works Series

Get Happy with Dowsing - Change Unhealthy Patterns

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Table of Contents

1. What is happiness? 3

2. How to get happy 7

3. The Dowsing Tools 10
How to dowse with a pendulum 10
The PLUS/MINUS Chart 12
The Dowsing Protocol 14
4. Traditional way to change patterns 19

5. Set Goals: Get Happy 21

6. Reality check 23

7. Conscious and unconscious patterns 24
Outdated commitments 29
Roles and vows exercises 30
8. Checking your belief systems 32
Belief system exercise 33
9. Disconnect unhealthy patterns 34

10. Activate healthy patterns 38

11. Change Unhealthy Patterns SUMMARY 40

Book Review by Ian Doig
published in What's New in Dowsing the journal of the Canadian Society of Dowsers
Volume 6, No. 3, Journal 18, Fall 2011, page 50

Now there's an attention-grabbing title, isn't it! Who doesn't want to be 'happy', whatever that may mean to each one of us!

And that's just where Susan begins; her lead sentence reads, "To be happy used to mean that someone was lucky, but the Welsh used the word to mean that someone was wise", which neatly takes the subject out of the category of something that is out of our control and makes it something that we can do something about!

What is happiness anyway, and how do we get happy? And just what does dowsing have to do with it? We can pretty well take it that we all want to be this thing we call "happy", so where do we go from there? If we aren't happy, we can pretty well assume that there are some negative patterns lodged deep inside our psyches somewhere. Quite probably they are rooted in some of our childhood experiences. During the course of our childhoods we have acquired a number of conscious or unconscious patterns that were probably developed as self-defense mechanisms to protect us from perceived threats or situations long past, yet which have clung on to us like unwelcome parasites. How do we deal with them?

Susan discusses these issues, and talks about more traditional methods of changing such patterns. She delivers a brief course in dowsing in general, and explores how to use the art to effect the changes we want. She gives an exercise in the art of changing beliefs, and then moves on to disconnecting unhealthy patterns and activating healthy ones.

This exceptional little book is based on a course in just these matters that she has been giving for some years, now, so it clearly is based on a lot of personal experience with those course members . It is a useful and welcome addition to her "Dowsing That Works" series.