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Year 2006
Susan Collins     Personal Management Consultant,   Professional Dowser

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Dowsing That Works Series

Meet Orbs with Dowsing
Fully updated

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Praise for Meet Orbs with Dowsing

“Are you interested in Orbs, Angels, Spirit Guides and other non-physical phenomena? My friend Susan Collins has investigated these things and incorporated her knowledge in this book. I think you will find it interesting.”
Raymon Grace
www.raymongrace.us    www.raymongracefoundation.org    www.raymongraceprojectes.com

“Susan is a very highly regarded teacher and a regular speaker at the West Coast Dowsing and Metaphysics Conference. She presents her original research and invites your curiosity into the fascinating phenomenon of Orbs: what they may be, where they appear, and their interaction with humans. This book will lead you into full engagement with the Orb phenomena. A fascinating read.”
Karen Ashley, Director West Coast Dowsing/Metaphysical Conference dowserswestcoast.org

“Susan Collins is a world leader in the field of earth, environment and universal energy dowsing. Her discoveries, and powerful techniques, benefit people globally. Her contributions and teachings are invaluable in the field of energy work.”
Tim Bell Energy and Dowsing Practitioner