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"Boot Camp exceeded my expectations! I've been dowsing since the 90's and knew I needed a refresher, but even I had a hard time keeping up! Thank you! It is wonderful to see someone walk their talk and teach it! I LOVE your writing. It's interesting, informative and grabs my attention." Mary L. USA

"Her presentation covered everything she has done and was so intense it was like getting decades of knowledge in two hours. We were dazzled. She even ventured into Dowsing Aliens. It was as if Kwan Yin the goddess of wisdom was teaching. The energy level was “through the roof”.
Excerpt from review of Susan's 2019 Questers presentation. Full review here

"I am studying your books and applying your techniques on a daily basis (first thing in the morning.) They work SO WELL! Thank you so much for sharing them with us :-)
Federico Marincola, Vice President, Italian Radionics Society, Società Italiana di Radionica."

"A Brilliant teacher of Dowsing! Susan has authored many books on Dowsing and has taught it for years. Her teaching and writing style is consistent, eloquent and very clear for all new or master dowsers. She does it all seamlessly with ease and grace. And her greatest joy, one can easily see, is in her sharing of teaching her Dowsing skills for all to empower themselves." Teresa Palamar, President Canadian Society of Dowsers

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being our Guest Speaker. I am in awe of your "Dowsing Skills and Spiritual Connectedness", you are amazing. I was just speaking with Rev. L and we were saying how much we got from your lecture. Thank you for joining us, it was an honour to have you speak." Melanie S.

"I LOVE your books. I am still transcribing the recording of the session that I had with you and thank goodness that I did record it. It is pure gold! I have plenty of homework to do, but I just wanted to thank you again." Elizabeth R.

"I received the L-rods. They are lovely!" Marsha N.

"I recently heard your wonderful and fascinating audio interview with Grahame Gardner on the BSD website. I was especially interested in your comments on using blue tape to take away non-beneficial energies from buildings. "I wanted to try this on our home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia but did not have any blue tape. So I dowsed several non-beneficial lines in the house then dowsed the optimal locations for tape. I then put down white tape on which I drew a line with blue whiteboard marker! It worked beautifully, and my wife and I notice how much quieter/calmer the house is now. Since then, we have both been sleeping much more. In addition, our pet parakeets immediately perked up and have been much more lively and engaged--one of the non-beneficial lines had crossed directly through their living space. Thank you again for your inspirational interview." Lance C

"Thank you for your work on the property. After our appointment, we walked the property boundaries that we take care of and committed to showing good stewardship of the land. Personally, my energy has felt different since the appointment. I feel more balanced and lighter. Interesting to notice these changes and feeling very grateful as I have been experiencing significant doubt and confusion over the last 4-5 months about staying in this house. Thank you." Jane B

I watched the movie, The Resonance twice! You came across as an expert and very natural in the interview. I really benefited from watching this informative movie and I will remember many things that you pointed out in your interview. Thank you." Supreeta C

"Thank you for attending the Conference and giving me the chance to learn from your knowledge and experience." Alan D.

"I found your talks inspiring." Sheila A.

"Thank you so much for the workshops and lectures at the conference, it gave me so much to reflect on. Thank you again for sharing your insights." Kathy W.

"Many thanks for this information which is really complete and interesting." Joelle W.

"I have enjoyed every single moment of your presentation, I could stay longer, and didn't feel how the time passed by. It was a professional, very well prepared, inspiring & motivating presentation.Every single detail you've shared was precious & interesting. You are the pure diamond, very dedicated & passionate about your profession. The Love for Dowsing was radiating everywhere. Nadia S."

"I received your book [Bridge Matter and Spirit with Dowsing], have read it, and will read it many times more. Thank you for a wonderful gift. Your book and your philosophy will help me tremendously in the years to come. Don A."

"Thank you so much for your excellent Keynote, your insightful words and your positive energy...I was so blessed by the chance to hear you at the convention! Alice. H"

"I have your books and read them many times. But an intense, compassionate workshop with you and your Angel energies showed me how to use the info and to be in service to others. I Love the words of Geo prosperous and your matrix - to leave space for happenings to occur. We honor your work with Love. Many Thanks, Many Blessings! Thank you for your fluid teachings! Maxine S."

"Recently I purchased your book "Bridge Matter And Spirit With Dowsing" and find it the best reading of any book on dowsing I have. Roy J."

"I began my journey in CSD with you as President and you are always there as a support of knowledge and integrity which is second to none. Your dowsing abilities and teaching and writing talents brought home the day and rounded out my vision for this Convention. I wish you the absolute best in all you do and I envision you speaking at the ASD with great response and admiration as an Ambassador of the Canadian Dowsers.
Jo-Anne Eadie"

"Hi Susan, I just wanted to thank you for the articles as well as comment on how much I appreciated your talk. It was reasurring to find a like minded dowser out there (I use it in my healing practise). I found your approach very balanced, healthy and light filled - keep up the great work! love and light, Deb"

"Thank you very much for the fabulous workshop. At every opportunity I am working with my pendulum, following the protocol and also the triage procedure including checking for subtle energies. Dawne K."

"Thank you Susan, Thanks so much for the wonderful affordable workshop! You are awesome and a superb knowledgeable presenter. I turned a new page in my life because of you and your workshop! I feel more connected now! Suzanne P."

"Hi Susan,
Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful article and reply on the ___ dowser’s email I just received, to that woman who was having challenges dowsing. I really appreciated how you encouraged her and gave us all some new questions and inquiries and possibilities to consider. I have much of that “figured out” over time, but your insights have taken my work to a new level.
I use your protocols most every time, or some such shortcut, as long as I feel there is a clear go ahead, and otherwise, I have learned to let go, move on and come back later.
Thanks again. I sure appreciate your work in the world, and your brilliant presence.
Love and blessings, Nickie"

"Meditation plus Pendulum Dowsing really open psychic/intuitive perceptions with continuous practice!"

"Glad you are continuing your teaching of these various techniques to help others I appreciate your work."

"For me every single detail or piece of info is much appreciated. I like when u share something related to your personal life & how you use the dowsing in different occasions. It feels real & possible.. .this way I do remember it easily."

"Your workshop opened my mind and spirit to the possibilities of how to formulate a questioning dialog to beings through dowsing."

"I took an all day workshop with Susan in Santa Cruz for advanted Dowsers and I was inpressed with the knowledge and skill that Susan Collins brings and presents to her class in an easy follow form.
Thanks, Barney Turner

"Susan Collins is a Master Dowser, who is one of the Preeminent Dowsers in North America. I highly recommend you attend her classes. The Art of Dowsing is an ancient practice going back at least 5000 years. Susan is now a Master Teacher of this amazing skill. Read her books. Learn from a " World Class " Dowser, Susan Collins."
Jasun Light.

"I was at the Peterborough Dowsing Meeting when you spoke recently. I also attended a Kingston Dowers meeting several years ago when you were the guest speaker. In both cases I learned new information." Louise

"I own Susan's book 'Bridge Matter and Spirit with Dowsing' and find it a very useful, clear, dowsing guide that I refer to again and again. I also enjoyed attending a couple of workshops presented by Susan, who generously shares her knowledge of dowsing in ways that are easily understood." Lona Maynooth, ON

"Dear Susan, I do appreciate everything you shared in different occasions as well your book "Use a protocol..." that helped me a lot! However due to the workshop, Dowsing for Feng Shui, I've experienced a tremendous change in my life, I started to sleep peacefully, feeling refreshed & energized thru the day! For me this is a huge, much appreciated accomplishment! Thank You!" N. Sasson

"Susan's workshops will literally blow your mind, and her books will change your life." Keith Smyth

"Once again I would like to reiterate the importance of learning new skills and techniques to help oneself in a variety of needs. So to Susan a toast to YOU for your vast experience in teaching the variety of skills and techniques with continued passion. Thank you Respectfully" Blanca Brantford Ontario

"Susan is the best, most no-nonsense and informative Dowsing teacher I have ever met."

"Susan enabled me to take the steps into the dowsing world through her practical, timely advice that comes from a place of integrity. I felt reassured and energised to take the next steps and haven't looked back!" Sue (Northumberland, UK)

"I enjoy reading and learning from your books and looking forward to seeing you in February."

Dowsing is a fun, practical way to find out more about yourself and the world around you. If you would like to learn to dowse or improve your skills, check my course schedule below, or put together your own group. I can customize an event to meet your needs. Ask me about creating a workshop for your group. Services offered globally Susan Collins.
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